CentrafuseConnect helps you manage your media, plan your travel and keep track of where you've been.
All from the comfort of you desktop.
The CentrafuseConnect client app can automatically (or manually) sync your media database to the web, allowing you to create or edit playlists for in-car use. The playlist editor allows you to use search and filter your media collection so you can easily find the music you want. Once the playlist is saved, you can edit it at any time, adding or deleting items as needed.

In the car, you use the CentrafuseConnect client to download the playlists to your vehicle where they are immediately available in the media player app. You can add or delete items in the car, too. If you accidently delete a playlist, don't worry! It's still available for download from the web. If you want to delete a playlist permenantly, you can using the playlist management page on the web site.

POI search allows you to use the Google Places API to search for points of interest anywhere in the world. Results are displayed on the map and you can easily view details and reviews of the location (if available). Like what you see? Click the "Save" button to save the POI to your saved destinations list. In the car, you can retrieve you saved destinations list and route to any locations with a single click.

Address search helps you find local addresses and displays them on a Google map. You can save your result to the "Saved Destinations" list.

You can edit or delete saved destinations in te saved destination list editor.

Travel History
Route history displays the routes you have stored in Destinator
Location history displays vehicle location and performance data at periodic intervals you select.

You can enable/disable and configure  this these features in the CentrafuseConnect client.